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Unwanted Fraternity: An Authentic Journey Toward True Healing After Loss (PICK-UP ONLY)

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Sudden loss creates shared experiences. 

After his wife’s accident, Greg Tonkinson had countless nights without sleep. During those times, it felt like Greg was alone in the dark—but he found great comfort in reading God’s Word and the books of other “fraternity members.” The words he found were from people who deeply understood what he was feeling—as if they were walking with him through that first year of loss. 

Unwanted Fraternity is Greg Tonkinson’s record of that challenging time. His honest, conversational writing style includes two main components: journal entries from a widowed father of three young children and Bible references (over 150). Tonkinson addresses areas of doubt, fear, deep sadness, and trudging through the proper reactions when others don’t know how to respond. He emphasizes the importance of community while working through the realization that life will go on after loss, even if it will never be the same. Ultimately, Unwanted Fraternity is intended to remind individuals of the hope that comes with a relationship with Christ, the true Healer of grief.